Get the Marriage Message: Abstain from abstinence

I love that MTV show “Newlyweds” with Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey. I think that show has all the potential to turn into a new show I call, “Guinness Book of World’s Worst Divorces.”

It’s not that the idea of abstaining until marriage is a great idea, but it really isn’t all that practical. What happens is that two young people marry because they are almost desperate; the love really isn’t there. If you don’t believe me (Like So Many Out There), then ask yourself: “Aren’t you basing the marriage on sex?” Do you mean to tell me that Nick Lachey was like a bull charging at the Jessica bullfighter? A marriage is a system of checks and balances. My parents used to be romantic before they realized that after a while that you have to live with each other. Plus, my grandparents now say that marriage is the only war in which you sleep with the enemy! That happily-ever-after statement is a crock. Life can be long and nearly to the idea of pointlessness.

Now I don’t really know that much, I guess I can be an idiot, but don’t you need physical exposure to someone else before you actually know that you are in love, instead of being just a walking erection? I still have a hard time believing that sex is the only way for true love. Doesn’t emotional love and loyalty count? I don’t think that a physical connection will ever prove your loyalty, just ask Kobe Bryant. Sex is just a five-second orgasm, that’s it. It was meant for procreation and very fleeting enjoyment. I would like to think it’s something else, but it isn’t. What exactly are you proving to the world by basing your marriage on something that really doesn’t matter after a while?

And yes, there are consequences such as diseases and unwanted pregnancy and all sorts of mental and physical problems. I can see that. But somewhere in between promiscuity and abstinence, I think these hard-core abstainers ought to know that there can be a compromise.
One last question: “If sex is advertised in TV and clothing, and people try and look exceptional for each other, and the pornography industry is a multi-billion dollar a year regime, then how could two beautiful people who just watch these off-beat and inconsistent romance movies that do include infidelity actually think that they will only have sex with each other for the rest of their lives?”

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