Elements of the STORM: Homecoming watch in effect at UM

This year’s Homecoming theme is in (drum roll, please), and it is: Elements of the Storm.
Opening ceremonies are scheduled to take place on Halloween at the Rathskeller.
The 18 days of Homecoming are expected to continue the tradition of contests and spirit at UM, with events including Mr. and Ms. UM competitions, Homecoming ball, a blood drive, a parade and the Homecoming football game, among other events.
Various organizations, both Greek and non-Greek, show their spirit by having their members present and involved in the different events as well as by entering in the different contests for a chance to make their organization the best.
Then the Homecoming committee votes on the organization that has displayed the most spirit, sportsmanship and pride to win the Homecoming spirit award.
“The goal is to promote school spirit because this is our time to shine as students and it is what we will remember when we leave the University of Miami,” Robert Castro, executive chair of the Homecoming Committee, said.
According to some students, Homecoming is an opportunity for students to show they care.
“Often when doing volunteer work, you can’t see the difference that you are making, but with so many people participating, the difference is obvious,” Valerie Roseman, junior, said. “It’s nice to see students go against the norm and wake up early to help others out.”
Still, many students see the emphasis on sororities and fraternities during Homecoming as a way to separate Greeks from non-Greeks.
“Homecoming caters too much to fraternities and sororities,” Karla Cato, senior, said. “What it should do is encourage more participation from all groups, regardless of affiliation, to get everyone involved.”
The general consensus amongst students, however, is that in the end it boils down to the excitement that goes along with hoping UM will win the Homecoming football game.
“This is our chance to show everybody that we are bad asses,” Cori Williams, senior, said.
To be a part of the Homecoming executive committee next year or for more information, contact Robert Castro at 305-284-2805.

Erin Wright can be contacted at e.wright@umsis.miami.edu