Sven is L&A’s Bike Writer

OBJEX, Miami’s “I’m-so-dope-I-make-my-own-clothes” favorite gallery for art whose fans can’t afford it, has moved closer to the devilish Design District that they are trying to undermine and outshine. Yeah, that’s probably pretty far-fetched but you wouldn’t know anyway because I didn’t see any of y’all UM chumps at the last opening, not that I was hoping too. Far more interesting is figuring out who’s vibing you and who’s wishing they would have jocked your style earlier.

Everyone’s been in the position of feeling like the world’s looking down their six foot nose at you, unless your mom wins Latin Grammies on the regular and you spend your afternoons bitching at your unintelligible hired help; it’s just funny seeing it coming from people younger than you.

Yellow Ferraris aside, last weekend was a chance for famed SF artist BIGFOOT to get some coast-to-coast connecs as a dozen or so pieces debuted on the fresh white walls over on 36th street. Also present (by the looks of the “homie” picture on the wall) was work from one of Biggie’s cronies whose name has been efficiently erased from my memory, but whose work will live forever in the spirit of my five illegitimate children, whereabouts unknown.

The Foot has been gracing Frisco’s walls for years with his scrawled signature and, on occasion, a yeti face/body/complete package. As a gallery show would indicate, the stee-lo had to be dee-lowed by at least 63 percent, resulting in a bunch of comic book styled paintings and prints of manageable sizes, with more work from Se