You’ve been hit by a SMOOTH CRIMINAL (on screen): Charming actor and UM alum, Steven Bauer, dishes on Miami vice and “Scarface”

Say hello to my little…luxx Scarface Two-Disc Anniversary Edition on DVD! Starting today, that doublewide VHS version sitting in every UM student’s VCR – with its low-sound quality and ‘this-movie-was-so-made-in-the-Eighties’ grainy picture-color – is no longer worthy. Loaded with quality extras like a Def Jam doc and a filmmaking doc, this mucho polished digital version of the 1983 masterpiece complete with DTS 5.1 sound (to make that chainsaw scene stick a little clever in your mind) is simply choice.

And with the current Scarface celebration boiling over into theatres with a hip re-release, who else would L&A chat with other than UM alum Steven Bauer, the man who was Tony Montana’s handsome sidekick, best friend and all around ladies man (before TM shot him for banging his sis)?

But before that, let’s quickly slip-n-slide across Bauer’s career and get up-to-date with his contributions to our city. If you don’t know Mr. Bauer from his character, Joe on the