“O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?”

In the end of every fairy tale, the maiden always finds that perfect gentleman – her Prince Charming. Now, I may just be a hopeless romantic, incredibly traditional or, quite possibly, stuck in a fantasy world, but I cannot help but wonder where all the modern-day Prince Charmings are. It seems that recently, guys are more the “rough and ready” Vin Diesel type than they are the polite, well-spoken, well-mannered Prince Charming type.
I realize that many things have changed since the days of male supremacy, when females were considered second-class citizens. Females these days are demanding the equality that they deserve. I question, though, does that have to mean the elimination of Prince Charming? Although many hard-core feminists may plead for the utter annihilation of the gentleman who represents the archaic “women cannot survive without men” philosophy, most girls like the idea of a Prince Charming, who understands and respects women’s rights, but does so in a gentlemanly manner. So, I propose to you all… The Modern Day Prince Charming.
Today’s Prince Charming follows all the forgotten rules of chivalry. He opens doors. The idea of opening a door for a lady shows nothing of her inability to do it herself. It is simply a courteous act.
He gives up his seat. Not that the man does not deserve a seat on the metro-rail, but because the lady (usually) weighs less than the gentleman, she is far more likely to fall over when the metro-rail comes to a complete stop.
He asks for a girl’s number and then proceeds to actually call her–not difficult. Don’t lose the number, pick up the phone, dial that number, and make conversation.
He respects the word “no.” If a woman says no, she does not mean yes, she means no. Fairly simple.
He remembers and acknowledges birthdays and anniversaries. The typical college gentleman does not have an endless supply of money. Therefore, gifts are not necessary, but a simple “Happy Anniversary”, with no reminder necessary, is always much appreciated.
He dresses to impress. Although one should not judge a book by its cover, when appearing in public (no, class doesn’t count), the man should be presentable looking. Translation: shower, shave and actually put on clean clothes!
The current behavior trend for men that leans towards a lack of gentlemanly conduct has left many of us girls wondering: Where is Prince Charming?
Vicky Elf can be contacted at britbabe03@hotmail.com.