Let’s conduct some public nuclear testing of our own

Well, it came out this weekend that North Korea is planning to conduct nuclear bomb tests. Doesn’t that just make you feel great? Not really. In fact it is pretty scary to fathom. But, then, I remember that we are the only superpower in this world, with the bravest men and women in the world defending their country. And, oh yeah, our military technology will blow North Korea outta here (imagine an umpire calling a strike out when you read this).
It’s time for the United States to lay down the law and show North Korea that we’re done playing. I think it’s time for us to conduct our own testing, just so that they remember who has the big guns. Then they will be ready for diplomacy cause they won’t even think of jerking us around.
North Korea is like a little kid. Every once in a while they throw tantrums so that they can get what they want. The United States is like a father. When you behave badly we take off our belt and give you a spanking to set you straight. North Korea will not be playing with anything nuclear once we set them straight.
They act like they have a right to have nuclear weapons, but the truth is they are a communist country and anything dangerous in a place that unstable is a risk to the entire world. Liberals criticized President Bush and basically said that he instigated North Korea’s hostility with his “axis of evil” speech. In October 2002, Democrats had to keep quiet when North Korea admitted that they had a nuclear weapons plan that had been active since the late 1990’s.
This is a pressing matter that must be taken care of very soon. We will not negotiate with North Korea; they must negotiate with us. They must show that they are prepared to cut out the nonsense because until then were not giving an inch.

Ernesto Zaldivar is a freshman majoring in political science. He can be contacted at e.zaldivar @umiami.edu.