L&A PARTY CALENDAR: Ladytron’s Mira shakes asses, Victoria Silvstedt’s “Hottie” party, FANNYPACK unzips for the wildest show of the year!!!


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Mira of Ladytron puts that ass to work (fun work) during her two-hour guest DJ stint at Revolver, located at (use MapQuest dodo) 175-193 NE 36th Street. For more info, journey along the Web to ClubRevolver.com.

Haven’t heard this band yet (just got the demo today, in fact) but they seem like cool people. JOEPYE are making the rounds all over the city, playing for the hipsters at POPLIFE to the Guiness-meisters at Churchill’s Pub. Tonight they’re on the beach at Sandbar Lounge, 6752 Collins Ave, playing from 11 p.m.-3 a.m. – now that’s heart. Call 305.865.1752 for the skinny.

Sometimes I wish I had a super luxx girlfriend who’d suddenly break my heart on a Friday just to make me experience college a little deeper. If that actually happened, I’d put on a hoody, get drunk and go watch Amores Possiveis at the Cosford. It starts at 8 p.m. and was imported here from Brazil and probably makes little sense, which is pretty great.

Actually, maybe not. Why not go to Opium on the beach and try to party with Playmate Victoria Silvstedt? …yeah, right. She’s there hosting “The Miami Hottie Talent Search,” which makes the odds of getting over yur ex pretty damn favorable. Don’t drive drunk, though. It’s located on 136 Collins Ave. and dress to impress bruddahs and sister saviors.


Oooh, la, la. NYC’s playskool bass-heads, the sexy barely legal Fannypack, will cause your alcoholic beverage to disappear like their high school virginity. It’s the one year anniversary of Soho Lounge, located in the place where Revolver goes down, 175 NE 36 St., with a fashion show courtesy of YoYo – remember last week’s feature? S!ck!



Rent Run Ronnie Run at Blockbuster and go to bed early. So lame, dude.



Life & Art would like to send a shout to DJ Johnny Strokes from Spider-Pussy, who should have gotten credit for the DJ on last issue’s cover (instead of Counterflow’s Induce). Our bad, Johnny, our minds be gettin’ blurry, you know what I’m sayin’? – Omar Sommereyns