(Don’t) Enjoy the movie. US1 is exciting enough

I don’t like many movies. And here’s why.
Ok, those racecar movies are a waste of time. Why would you want to pay eight bucks to see car flips? Instead, you should put a steep ramp on US1 and watch your show for free. And if you’re lucky, you will see real blood.
Next, horror movies are now becoming funny. Why should everything always end in death? Once you’re dead, you lose all incentive to care about anything. Your prejudices go away and you will never have to worry about supporting your family, ever again. But if you were quadriplegic, ah, then that would definitely be a scarier thought.
I am getting sick and tired of these subtitled, foreign films. I personally do not care for an epic story about something absurd like a boy and a balloon. Does anyone really care if some boy loses his balloon and has to follow it through the French ghettos? The movie could be over in two seconds if he just got another balloon. It’s just a balloon. I go to some video store and expect to see a story about human emotions that are explored. Instead, these foreign films over-exaggerate the point with some tear-jerking crap.
Please do not bother with chick flicks because men and women are different. This is the biggest difference between a man’s movie and a woman’s movie. A woman has to have a happy ending and the man’s movie does not stop until everyone is killed or beneath him in power. It’s not that I do not want the “Happily Ever After” kind of life. It’s just that life is long and full of reasons to feel bitter, resentful, and angry with someone else. That is why a guy’s movie is more popular.
A man’s movie is always filled with bitterness and vengeance. No man is satisfied until he usurps power by climbing over everyone. Every movie meant for a guy is about getting to the top by means of violence. We are not just a violent society, we are a vindictive society. We crave power, so we use violence to obtain it. It’s not violence that can destroy society. Instead, the issue about the need for superiority has to be handled by the federal government if this violence struggle is going to end in America.

Seth Bleicher can be contacted at sethbleicher@yahoo.com.