PARTY CALENDAR: L&A now hiring, MATT DEAR saves techno, WHITE TRASH BASH, Bill Murray, MO ROCCA on campus…finally!

——————————- TONIGHT —————————————

LIFE & ART goes into the mucky-muck that is our meeting for new recruits at the Rat. If you’re interested in working for us and like fetching coffee (3 sugars) and Red Stripes for two skinny white and Egyptian guys with perma-hangovers, you’re set. Must be there by 5 p.m., first floor conference room (listen for the Rapture and Sven Barth). Bring a portfolio with past clipse and a contact sheet and expensive gifts. There’s also something going on at the Rat called “Wet-n-Wild,” from 4-8 p.m. That sounds like bikini girls getting sprayed by drunken jocks (and L&A) or another nerd epiphany thrown by the Save The Dolphins club. It’s happy hour nonetheless.

TECHNO’S SAVIOR, Matt Dear from Ghostly International records, links up with Miami’s IDM bass maniacs Phoenecia, Ivee and a creamy crop of DJs to make for one helluva long night of electronic elation. The show is at I/O and starts at 10 p.m., seriously, 10 p.m., ignore the advice on that whole elaborate map-thingy you just skipped over. For directions, flip back to that map-thingy you just skipped over, or visit

SOFIA COPPOLA and Bill Murray together make for the type of cinematic feast that comes around as often as one of those comets your mom calls you up all mom-like to watch. Lost in Translation opens today. Take a girl or guy or both or none. Go see it.

ENON and the Apes get all electronic versus analog to the death at Revolver.

————————– SATURDAY —————————————–

WELL GAWDAMN! I’ll tell you whut, I nevr thogt therd be a gawdamn pary fer a bunch of reddnecks in Miami Floorduh. Bought gawdamn time bruddah. Shut up hick! This Saturday there’s a “White Trash Bash” near campus. If you wear a mullet, have a Richard Petty or Bobby Lebonte T-shirt from K-mart (fuck Jeff Gordon) or dress like a Jerry Springer highlight, you’re drinking for free – beer and Jack all night long. All of L&A will be there and we hate UM house parties…………..hee haw….blah blah blah.

“There’s something ephemeral in our streets,” and “photographies” of NAKED WOMEN imposed on buildings might be it. Find out at this art exhibit featuring the work of Meg Pukel at the Damien B. Contemporary Art Center, 282 NW 36th Street. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. with free drinks courtesy of Vox Vodka – good stuff – and, wait, what’s this? DJ Contra’s spinning – jump on it. Visit for more info.

—————————– SUNDAY ——————————————-

THIS CATALOG, er, magazine Marc “I made it” Ecko owns or something, it’s called Complex, is fronting a launch party for their “Sex, Thugs and Rock ‘N’ Roll” issue. Judging from all the free prody these advertisers, er, writers and public relation gurus, er, editors snag while working, they’re bound to spread the wealth right? Opium is sheltering the proceedings, located on 136 Collins Ave. Guest list yourself at, and remember to give that free ugly Ecko hoody to a homeless dude on your way out.

—————————- MONDAY ——————————————-

What you’ve all been waiting for, the man himself, MO FUCKING ROCCA comes to campus to enlighten us all. The genius goes down at the Storer Auditorium – near UM’s posh business school at 7 p.m. Visit for more info, and give Hurricane Productions a pat on the back while you’re at it at Booyakka.