Explicit Language

Dear Editor and Living & Arts Editor,

I have one simple question, “Why?”

Why does the staff of the L&A section need to include the “F” word in the description of the White Trash Bash in today’s (9-19-03)issue?

Are the boundaries of good-taste and decency not applicable to this publication? Is someone naive or ignorant? Was it used for shock value? Do you think it’s just a word? Is your publication not held accountable since it is “only” a campus paper and heaven-forbid your creativity be stunted?

No matter the answer. It is not needed to get your point across. It is offensive and I am very dismayed to see it in print. Additionally some of the overly-explicit writing styles used in this section of your paper are just plain gross. Seems this section of the publication primarily advocates drinking, partying, and sex. Is that what you consider to be Living or Art? What is your aim? Do you want to get UM added to Princeton Review’s top 10 Party Campuses list? Been there before and don’t want to return.

Being an award-winning publication does not give you an excuse to push the envelope. You also need to consider your audience, especially since your publication goes on-line and off campus. You are reporting to many more than the current student and staff population. College is supposed to be a time of increasing maturity. Maturity means knowing what is appropriate, when and where. Your publication is a window into that growth process. This section of your paper is not showing a great deal of positive growth.

I’m sure my thoughts are shared by others on-campus and off. Please seriously consider them. Thank you for your time and attention.

Note: I do NOT give you permission to publish this letter, with or without my name.

E. Kuras
UM alum

cc: Gilbert Arias, Student Affairs Office
Donna Shalala, President