What’s the Bid Deal?

If you’re wondering why there were so many attractive gentlemen gathered wearing Greek letters around the Rock on Friday, or hundreds of women on Sunday, it might be helpful to know that these days were Bid Days for all Inter-Fraternity Council [IFC] organizations and Panhellenic sororities.
On Friday, the IFC formally announced which men decided to go Greek and which organization’s bid they accepted.
For the past three weeks, IFC fraternities have sponsored recruitment events, during which brothers and alumni discussed what makes their organization special, informing potential new members the benefits of being a fraternity man.
Sororities have a similar process, which went on for all of last week. Their Bid Day occurred on Sunday. Be on the lookout for more information regarding who went where in the Greek system.
Additionally, organizations from the National Pan-Hellenic Council as well as from the Latino Greek Council follow a slightly different recruitment schedule, called intake. During this process, organizations hold “informationals,” or interest meetings. At these sessions, potential new members learn about the ideals, history and activities of the chapter.
The Greek Panorama is coming up on Sept. 23 at 7 p.m., location TBA.