FREEBIE: Rockstar Games + Life & Art give you free “GTA Vice City” prody!

Finally. Finally. Finally, Life & Art gets to write something about the bloody savants working at Rockstar Games. They have recreated our tropical city in their divine image, and for that we are grateful. Truly grateful. And like any awesome religious diety, they have come to us bearing little golden trinkets. And we are humble. Truly humble. And thus, we give the leftovers to you.

We have one 7-disc O.S.T. boxset (seven CDs of musical angelic dust and frankinscense-scented debauchery). We have 1 GTA Vice City T-shirt. There will be 2-winners. They will answer this question.

In deejay Tiga’s fabulous, albeit dated, video to his remake of Corey Hart’s “Sunglasses at Night,” who…umm what, starred in it?

Send all answers to Hunter, at

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