Cali-fornication: Dumb ideas from the West Coast

Do you know why Arnold Schwarzenegger is a Republican? Just please look at all of his movies. He loves guns so he shoots and uses the death penalty on everyone he sees around him. In the Terminator movies, he is a machine that was created by an “evil” corporation that is used for practical uses of the military. That’s funny.
But what’s not funny is the people in California. How did you people lose electricity two years ago? How the hell did that happen? You did not have any back-up plans or anything. And to think that you elected a governor whose name has something to do with no electricity. “GREY” Davis? You elected GREY Davis. Didn’t anyone see any foreshadowing when his name appeared on the ballot?
What about Hollywood? If you’re not a drug addict or a cancer patient, you are not an actor. It seems that everyone is either a drug addict or a cancer patient. Since Hollywood is nothing but trends, I think cancer is the “illness” of the month. I’m not trying to make fun of cancer. After all, cancer is dangerous and has killed needlessly. However, it seems that Hollywood is trying to capitalize on everything, which makes them out to be complete idiots. When these bored actors have nothing to do, they go around and give “encouragement” to children who have leukemia. They say to them: “You’re great!” And I think this is absurd. Can’t you cut these kids a damn check? They’re dying and these actors say: “I love kids.” Yeah, just like Michael Jackson.
One thing I do agree with from California is the reforming of marijuana laws. Look, marijuana is a safer drug than alcohol. The FDA even said so. Why are we still using propaganda to scare young people into believing that marijuana will turn you into Adolf Hitler? I saw this commercial about the fact that one in three car accident deaths is related to marijuana. What they really meant was that one in three accidents involving minorities with suspended licenses (where the accident is directly drug related) is related to herb. Now that is a shame!
They say that Mary Jane is now 275% more potent than the 1960s. The only people who could make it that much better are private corporations and the U.S. government. Do you think stoners make good scientists? They have a hard time remembering anything as it is.
So far, California is one for three when it comes to good ideas.
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