Recruitment in full swing

As mentioned in our last article, Greek recruitment is here! Panhellenic recruitment began yesterday with the first of the recruitment rounds. The following is a guide taken from the Greek Life website at UM on the Panhellenic recruitment events.


Round 1
During this night, you should make a friend in each of the suites so you will recognize a familiar face in the nights to follow. Also, try to find something that will help you identify the different sororities.
What to Wear: Dress nicely. A skirt, dress, or pants are fine. Something you would wear on the first day of school and comfortable shoes.

Round 2
You should focus on meeting many different people in each suite. This round is crucial because this is when you have to begin to narrow down your choices. Find out about things such as finances and activities.
What to Wear: This night is a little more casual than round one. Dress comfortably, yet neatly in either shorts or pants, as you may have to sit on the floor.

Round 3
This night is the perfect opportunity to find out what each sorority has to offer you. Know what you are looking for, because this is the night when you will have the best chance to ask questions.
What to Wear: This night is a bit dressier than the other nights so plan on wearing a nice outfit that you might wear out to dinner. However, there is no need to go out and buy new clothes.

Round 4
The last night of recruitment is the most important. If there are any lingering questions or details, this is the time to straighten them out. This is the night that each woman has to make her final decision.
What to Wear: This is the dressiest night of recruitment. Wear a cocktail dress or a nice suit. No prom dresses or ball gowns are necessary.

Bid Day
Today is the day that you will be formally tapped into Panhellenic sisterhood!
What to Wear: A BIG, dark T-Shirt. The sorority you get a bid from will send over your Bid Day shirts and you will wear them underneath your big, dark t-shirt. You have to change so you may want to wear a sports bra underneath your shirt, too. After you reveal what sorority you are pledging you will be spending the rest of the afternoon getting to know your new sisters.

Fraternity recruitment is coming to an end this week, with the traditional smokers taking place. This is typically the last event before bid day.
Bid day will commence at 5 p.m. at the Rock. It is recommended that those men who have gone through recruitment arrive early to see if they received a bid and to accept them if they wish.

That’s all for this week in Greek Life. We look forward to hearing from all the Greeks to see how recruitment went. Don’t forget to send your stories to us at

Remember, “Let the Letters Do the Talking!”