L&A QUALITY SMACK: Surprise! Ludacris concert goes bust. UM tops NYU for coolest college town. The Fader gets dissed. Mo Rocca to speak on campus

Miami rated over New York for “coolest college town” ——————

West Coast counterculture mag Urb recently slid Miami into the lucky number seven slot on their list of the “coolest college towns,” and yes, we topped New York City – cot’ damn. Party spots name dropped include The Marlin on the beach – even though Counterflow’s decent bashes there are long over – or should be by now – and the Downtown center of all this madness – Revolver at Soho Lounge, which currently has more excess cream than Ron Jeremy in the ’80s. Oddly enough, U of M didn’t get mentioned, probably because the locals are doing all of the scene’s work and having most of the scene’s fun. But either way, kids are dancing and rocking fashion like never before.,,and this looks to be just the beginning.

The pranksters at Buddyhead.com diss the Fader and out Rancid ——

Also on the mag front, those beer-muscled, Friendster-loathing, mall-punk-hating fiends at Buddyhead.com recently posted a candid uber-diss directed at New York’s glossy staple the Fader. It states, “If you happen to be one of those whores who work at the Fader and you think you can steal what we write without our permission for use in your little fake pay-to-play magazine, you’re totally trippin!” Hah hah. They also out “Remember going to the Warped Tour in 9th grade? Nope.” ex-punkers Rancid for signing to Warner Bros, as they continue to act like the tatted, die-hard indie band they aren’t. Remember when Rancid would yell, “Fuck major labels. We don’t need them.” at the Warped Tour in 9th grade. No…well…umm…yeah.

The Convocation Center of really bad, expensive music ——————

Hey now! Those pop culture-wonders in charge of events at the Convocation Center/center for really bad hip hop really lost their bums on Luda last Friday. Next up at the center for really expensive, horrible music (Coldplay excused)? Pac Sun-punks Good Charlotte. To steal from Buddyhead, five fat frat kids wearing Hurley are really siked right now.

David Spade’s newest travesty hits #1 ————————————-

The box office slowed to such a halt over the weekend that David Spade’s new Sandler-funded void of not-funniness, the long-completed Dickie Roberts: Former Child Actor, flopped to the top spot. $7 million worth-of-Americans sat on their asses watching it. Somehow S.W.A.T. joined the hundred million dollar club.

What actor will be the new Batman? —————————————

In more optimistic yellow film news, Momento director Chris Nolan is in the final, let’s hope, stages of casting the newest Batman flick. The short list for Batsie is American Psycho’s sagacious Christian Bale, Cillian Murphy of 28 Days Later psuedo-fame, and Shannyn Sossamon-bedding hunk Josh Hartnett. The winner should be chosen in that order.

Arnold too busy for Predator 3? ———————————————

Too busy filming his new movie where he bids for governor of a giant state while fighting off an evil orgy of bad-orgy/Nazi rumors, it seems Mr. Schwarzenegger will not be headlining Predator 3. In his place? A UM-alum who raises an eyebrow, wrassles, and stars in, tiring of adjectives, action movies with Stifler.

Hurricane Productions bring Mo Rocca to campus ————————-

Kudos to Hurricane Productions for bringing down Mo Rocca later this month. If you can bring down the Rapture – who probably cost less than the 30gs shelled out for New Found Glory, that would be as choice as Mr. Bale landing Batman. That would be truly awesome. And yes, the entire school would show up to smile and dance like some fashionable palm treed one-night Coachella festival. Think about it.

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