Former New York Library System overseer to head UM Libraries

William D. Walker, who oversaw one of the world’s largest research library operations for the New York Public Library System, has recently been named University Librarian at UM.

Walker has also served as director of the Medical Library Center of New York and as the head of Information Services at the University of Illinois Medical Center’s Library of the Health Sciences.
Currently, Walker serves as The New York Public Library’s senior vice- president and as the Andrew W. Mellon Director of the Research Libraries. His new position with UM begins Oct.1.

“Mr. Walker is a very distinguished research librarian who will be an asset to the University of Miami and the students and faculty who study here,” UM President Donna E. Shalala said in a press release. “He has impeccable credentials, and we are delighted he will be joining the University.”

“The University is very fortunate to have acquired an extraordinarily talented director of libraries,” UM Provost Luis Glaser said. “Under his leadership, the Library will flourish.”

Walker said he is looking forward to being part of such an academically-advanced institution.

“The energy that one feels on campus that is directed at growing and advancing the academic programs at UM is so exciting, and the library should be central to those activities,” Walker said. “For me, this is an incredible opportunity to position the Richter Library and its branches in the new academic work that is taking place across this country.”

At UM, Walker will oversee a library system anchored by the newly refurbished $17.5 million Otto G. Richter Library, which houses 1.8 million of the University’s volumes, more than half of UM’s total library holdings.

Walker and his staff are currently in the process of planning for the upcoming semesters.

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