EDITORIAL: Welcome to U

Welcome to the fall 2003 semester at the University of Miami here in sweltering Coral Gables. Hope you brought an umbrella.

Take the advice that everyone is giving you and join a student organization or play in a team sport. You’ll find that it helps to keep you in shape and ward off that annoying depression as well. If you were able to survive the massive crowds at CaneFest you know you can cope with anything in college. The University really does well in providing entertainment and a variety of student life activities, so take advantage of the plethora of opportunities happening right here on the Coral Gables campus.

Some advisor has probably already given you the speech that there are “only 168 hours in a week; how are you going to schedule yours?” But please, don’t just think of your time here at UM as counting down the hours until classes end or until you graduate. At least enjoy the parties.

Of the sections of the Hurricane, the Opinion section aims to inspire the most debate (and hopefully controversy). If you have a dispute with a columnist over his choice of words, or with a cartoonist for his source of humor, or with the editor for his judgments, please respond with a letter as instructed below. If you don’t think you’d be getting your point across with an email, come join the staff.

Opinion editors the world round must be rejoicing, for there has been a bounty of news this past summer; plenty to comment on and criticize. Invasion, occupation, guerilla tactics, mass power failure, shuttle probe reports (of fatal flaws in our technological infrastructure), the suffering of our volunteer armies overseas, massing federal and state deficits, Middle East unrest (to say the least), an eye on Korea, and much more obviously upsetting news.

We won’t be out of a job anytime soon.

—————————- Cover us up ————————————-

There is definitely a need for a covered walkway between the rear exit of Pearson Residential College and the Mahoney-Pearson Parking Garage. Although it was hilarious to see parents and students soaking-wet and pushing carts full of stuff through the halls during move-in, this inconvenience could have been avoided. When there is a hurricane and we all need to evacuate to our cars, it would be nice if we could still be dry by the time we got there.

————————- We need to make a distinction ——————–

It must be made clear that the First Impression, the summer publication mailed to freshman and available the first week of school in those familiar little white newspaper bins, is not and should not try to be the Miami Hurricane student newspaper. The First Impression staff writers and editors do not represent the opinions or objectives of the Hurricane Staff. The First Impression serves the University’s public relations agenda, while the Hurricane does not.