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Dear IBIS,
I recently transferred to UM from another university. I am currently taking prescription medication. Is there a pharmacy on campus? What are the health and wellness services available at UM?

UM has a pharmacy located at the Student Health Center. The pharmacy accepts all prescriptions, as well as most insurance plans. They offer prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, vitamins and supplements. Generally, prices are lower than at drug stores. Contraceptives are accessible to students for less than typical insurance co-payments.

Health and wellness services are the responsibility of four departments: the Student Health Center, the Counseling Center, Dean of Students Office/PIER 21 and the Wellness Center.

The Student Health Center, an on-campus outpatient medical center, provides primary care, women’s health care (gynecology and contraception counseling), orthopedics, X-rays, EKGs and laboratory services (including free HIV testing). Most students prefer to “walk in” for primary care services; however, appointments are necessary for women’s health and orthopedic care. Students do not need the Heaalth Center sponsored insurance plan to receive services; further, many primary care services are free. Students may obtain health advice from the health educator and/or health care providers.

Free condoms are available at the front desk. For more information, visit, e-mail, or call 8-5927.

There are a myriad of reasons students seek the help of the Counseling Center. Many students undergo depression, relationship conflicts, and/or family problems. Students often experience issues with substance abuse, body image and identity. Controlling test anxiety, defining career objectives and selecting a major also are common concerns. Counseling Center services include individual counseling, career testing, crisis intervention, group counseling, outreach training, learning disabilities assessment, and psychiatric consultation. Further, the Sexual Assault Response Team [SART] maintains a hotline to assist students with relationship violence questions. Confidential appointments are free to students who have paid the University fee. For more information or an appointment, call 8-5511 or visit the Counseling Center.

PIER 21 – the Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Education is a comprehensive prevention, intervention, education, and referral program focusing on alcohol and other drug use, misuse, and dependency. An arm of the Dean of Students Office, the Center works in concert with the campus to promote healthy lifestyles, encourage personal responsibility, and educate students on the consequences of high-risk alcohol and drug use. PIER 21 provides programs, a resource room, and anonymous referrals for support. For more information, visit or email

The Wellness Center, known for its recreational activities, also provides health-related services. The Fitness Laboratory is a supervised exercise programming area dedicated to educating the UM community on healthy lifestyles. Health promotion services include nutrition consultations; two peer education programs (STRIKE tobacco control and CHAMP lifestyle evaluations; classes in CPR, women’s self-defense and healthy cooking; and outreach. Additionally, the Wellness Center provides massage therapy, physical therapy consultations, personal training and condoms. For more information, visit or call 8-LIFE.

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