Your first big “O” at college:

What’s fun, involves excited upperclassmen and the entire class of new students, can change the way you live your college experience completely, and is waiting for you the day you arrive on campus?- It’s Orientation – the Big O!
So you’ve graduated from high school, or you’ve decided to transfer to a different [ahem, better] college – either way, you’ve ended up here at UM. Surely, there are countless things that every new student has on his or her agenda, but take it from those who know best because they’ve been there: Your first priority should be to start things off with a bang, and do the Big O. You’ve applied, been accepted, and now it’s your turn to take some initiative as the newest members of the student body. Consider Orientation “College Life 101 – for dummies,” and feel peer-pressured to attend.
Without question, whether they’re willing to admit to it or not, your friends who have made the choice to enroll elsewhere are jealous. National championship athletics, more student organizations and activities than you can imagine, first-rate academics – and did we mention there are beaches and world-famous nightlife within a reasonable driving distance?
Juggling more than one of these at once may sound challenging, but the Department of Orientation has the ultimate four-day navigation guide to ensure your success as a ‘Cane and as a new member of the Miami community. You’ll also have an opportunity to meet dozens of student leaders and make friends with other new students.
Even better, Orientation Assistants [OAs] are given a lot of leeway in terms of decision-making and responsibility for the program. The 200-plus OAs are students whose major responsibility is direct interaction with the new students, which is the key part of the Big O. They’re a new student’s number one “go-to guy or girl” for questions ranging from “where’s Allen Hall?” to “what’s a good place to hang out on weekends?” to “where can I get a fake I.D.?” [although they probably won’t answer that one].
As for the rest of what goes on at Orientation, you’ll just have to attend to find out. Sorry, parents, but this is for new students only. Don’t feel left out, though, because we have a Parent Orientation designed just for you that addresses concerns, issues and questions that are more pertinent for parents.

For more information, log on to the Orientation website at or call 305-284-5646.