Tips to Enhance Adjustment to College Life

1. Learn how to manage your time and money.
2. Prioritize academics; the rule of thumb is at least two hours of study per credit each week.
3. Become engaged in extracurricular activities and/or a part-time job on campus. Active students are usually happier and are better able to take advantage of educational opportunities.
4. Communicate with your family regularly and, if possible, schedule a midterm visit, like Parents Weekend. Expect your relationship with your parents to change.
5. Try to compromise and share with your roommate, when possible.
6. Just in case, purchase a health insurance policy that includes mental health emergencies and ample local coverage.
7. With your new freedom come potential dangers such as drug and alcohol abuse, date rape, and sexually transmitted disease. Educate yourself about these problems this summer so that you can plan what’s best for you before you act.
7. Participate in a systematic, but moderate, exercise program at the Wellness Center. It’s good for the mood. Healthy eating and sufficient sleep also can help.
9. Find a group of friends, including one or two you can trust.