Newly installed webcams film popular areas on campus 24/7

UM has recently installed several Web cams around the Coral Gables campus as well as one at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. These cameras provide live, streaming video 24/7 in the following areas:

Lake Osceola &
Cobb Fountain
This is a live shot from atop the McDonald Tower, a residential hall, facing northwest. In the foreground is Lake Osceola and Cobb Fountain, and behind that is the School of Music’s Weeks Center and the Clarke Recital Hall. Other buildings in view are the Gusman Concert Hall, the School of Law, Ungar building, and the Richter Library. The tall building in the background is the world famous Biltmore Hotel.

Whitten University Center & Swimming Pool
Also on McDonald Tower, this is a live view facing north. Behind Lake Osceola is the Whitten University Center and its outdoor swimming and diving facilities (indoor swimming is available in the Student Wellness Center). Behind the University Center is the School of Business Administration. In the background is the City of Miami skyline. The building in the lower right corner is Eaton Residential College.

The Rock
This is a view from atop the Whitten University Center looking down at the north entrance. A high-traffic patio area, this is considered the center of campus. Student rallies are commonly held in this area.

Pathway from UC to
the Richter Library
Also on top of the Whitten University Center, this is a view facing the Richter Library.

This camera is at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science and overlooks the dock and Bear Cut from the roof of the Dougherty Marine Science Center.

Currently, the webcams can be accessed by visiting