For Honor Council, honesty is the policy

The members of the Honor Council are on a mission to stimulate honesty and accountability amongst the student body by making students aware of the seriousness of the Honor Code on the UM campus.
“It is important to be a person of integrity, not only in the classroom, but also in life,” Roberto Castro, last year’s vice-president of the Honor Council, said.
According to members, there are approximately 44 violations a year that result in anything from a warning, to ethics workshops at the Academic Development Center, to expulsion.
Primarily, the Honor Code is set up to protect students from cheating, plagiarism, collusion, and academic dishonesty, which can hurt their level of education and affect their job performance later in life. If there is any doubt whether a student has committed a violation, a written complaint is filed and if enough evidence is collected, a hearing is scheduled by members of the Honor Council to determine if an infraction has taken place.
Disciplinary action varies with each case.
“We present ourselves as friendly and we want the best for students and the value of our degree to reflect the hard work we put into it,” Castro said.
Many students appreciate the efforts of the Honor Council and understand the importance of the regulations.
“The Honor Council makes it almost impossible for someone to cheat or break the code in general with out it bothering their conscience,” Astin Hayes, freshman, said.
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