Dept. of Public Safety programs protect public

When the word Miami is spoken, many people think of car theft, vandalism and assault. But UM’s Department of Public Safety works hard to make everyone at UM has an enjoyable experience.
The DPS is working constantly to improve the safety on campus. The campus’ many Blue Light Telephones can be easily identified on campus by their blue neon lights above the telephone poles. If anyone gets lost, needs assistance or would like an escort, these phones are available for those reasons. The DPS can immediately identify the caller’s location, and can have an officer anywhere in minutes.
Also, UM has an auto-theft program available to all students. The DS will engrave the car’s Vehicle Identification Number into the car’s windows, a free service to UM’s student and employees.
Adopt-A-Cop is a resident focus program. There are four UM police officers that are hired to patrol their individual residence halls. These cops are available for assistance whenever needed.
There is also a UM motorist assistance program that can give students’ dead batteries a jump, lend a gallon or two of gas for an empty tank, help get keys locked inside the car or assist with other minor car problems.
Public Safety also provides an escort upon request for students who wish to be accompanied to different areas throughout campus at night. Many students take advantage of this service during late-night study sessions, for the trip to and from the library.
Additionally, programs such as Rape Aggression Defense [RAD] are periodicaslly offered by Public Safety. RAD is a reality based self-defense program for women in which a certified instructor teaches a course, including awareness, prevention, avoidance and several self-defense techniques.
For more information on the services offered by Public Safety or to request an escort, call 305-284-6666.