A glimpse into the hectic life of vice-president for Student Affairs

Whether it’s attending meetings with student organizations and administrative units, eating lunch with students while they voice their concerns about the university, or taking her daughter to International Week, Dr. Pat Whitely’s life is anything but ordinary.
“Everyday is different. No two days are ever the same,” Whitely said. “The job is intellectually and politically challenging.”
“I try to be a good role model. Hopefully I’m seen as down to earth,” Whitely said. “I try not to be someone who hides behind the position.”
With the position comes a lot of power, including being the chief appellate officer for the university.
“A lot of what I do is make good decisions for the students,” Whitely said. “There is a lot of problem solving in the job. I like being the person who could potentially sway a decision. I like being able to push the straw a little bit more.”
Currently, Whitely is in charge of 15 separate departments, including Residence Halls and Wellness and Recreation.
“I try not to have a really busy day. I try to be in my office as much as possible,” Whitely said.
In between meetings, Dr. Whitely checks her voicemail, email, makes a couple of telephone calls and reads through stacks of invitations to UM affiliated events.
In her spare time Whitely enjoys working out and playing racquetball.
“Exercise is important because the better that I take care of myself, the more energy I have, which helps me do my job better,” Whitely said.
Despite her busy and often times hectic days, Whitely enjoys every minute.
“I’m a hurricane and I’m proud to be one,” Whitely said.