Islamic Jihad and the tale of Seventy-Two Virgins

It’s a humid day in Haifa, Israel and a warm breeze sways the city’s palm trees. A swarthy Arab teenager wearing a heavy winter coat boards the local transit bus; a number of wary passengers spot the boy and leave. He sits down in the bus’s very back seat as nervous commuters shoot glances at him. Ten minutes pass and the riders feel more secure. Finally, the boy stands, opens the coat and reveals his belt of nail-laced explosives. He screams something in Arabic, detonates the explosives and blows fourteen schoolchildren to pieces on their last journey home; their body parts and pools of blood litter the street. During the past 30 months of the Palestinian Intifadah, over 100 such unjustifiable homicide attacks have occurred in Israel, resulting in the murder of over 700 civilians. Israeli retaliation against the terrorists has killed over three times as many Palestinians.
Radical Islam, through a perverted interpretation of the Qur’an, proclaims those who give their lives in the jihad-a modern day crusade against western religion, way of life and values-will receive seventy-two virgins and rivers of honey in paradise. In Palestine, the murderer’s family receives a large financial windfall and posthumous glorification. Iraq’s dictator has contributed $12.5 Million to fund the Palestinian’s murder and maiming of Jewish civilians.
The terrorist entity of Iraq has disproved their purported secular nature with a worldwide call to jihad against the US, which heroically and courageously seeks the country’s liberation and saving of innocent life. The Iraqi Information Minister proclaimed “jihad is a duty in confronting Americans . . . those who are “martyred” will be rewarded in heaven. Iraq’s VP has said, “The day will come when a single ‘martyrdom’ operation will kill 5,000 enemies.” America experienced the jihad’s sheer malevolence on 9/11 as it witnessed the devastating slaughter of 2,998 innocent civilians and the destruction of its tallest buildings live on television. As U.S. soldiers blast through those loyal to Iraq’s despot, the country again mourns the cowardly acts of jihad. On April 4th in Western Iraq, a pregnant woman stepped out of her car and screamed for help. As three U.S. troops approached the vehicle to assist her the car exploded, murdering the Good Samaritan soldiers.
As the world’s only superpower, the United States bears the tremendous responsibility of crushing the jihad and protecting civilization. An enormous ideological dichotomy exists between radical Islam’s cowardly murder of innocent life and advocacy of brutal oppression, and America’s steadfast defense of life and liberty. The jihad’s murderers won’t find seventy-two virgins or rivers of honey in hell.

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