Yellow Rose presents ‘GENESIS’

The Yellow Rose Society, an organization comprised of mostly minority women that focuses on community outreach, academic achievement, peer education and leadership in order to promote unity, held their annual play, GENESIS, on Thursday night in the UC I-Lounge.
GENESIS is a play written, produced, directed and performed by the members of Yellow Rose Society that dramatically represents issues affecting young women.
“People have said that it was better this year then last year,” Christina Coleman, freshman, said. “I guess it just gets better and better every year.” The theme for this year’s play was “Sister to Sister. . . Words of Wisdom.”
This year, the play examined domestic violence and other issues. One skit depicted a girl leaving her boyfriend because of his drug use.
“It was a good thing because she made the right decision,” Coleman said.
Another skit looked at roommate issues ending with one roommate moving out.
“It showed how to solve problems and make things better,” Coleman said.
The Yellow Rose Society and GENESIS are also nominated for a SOAR award for Excellence in Programming in performance.