UNICCO employees are being treated like housekeeping

I’m sorry to break the news to everyone but the UNICCO staff is NOT our surrogate mothers. I thought that when I got to college everyone would be considered an adult-so theoretically everyone would behave in that manner. But more and more each day students prove me wrong with their lack of respect for the UNICCO staff.
I can say something lame like “clean up after yourselves” but obviously, that societal norm was not programmed into many peoples’ lifestyles. So instead, I ask “why are you so lazy?” The last time I checked it really didn’t take very much effort to deposit trash in a nearby trashcan. Yet, students scatter their smelly cigarette butts and graze the hallways with their wonderful remains of last night’s pizza party. And as if their job wasn’t already stressful enough, staff members have to clean up after messes created by two-year-olds just because of someone’s lack of respect.
Some students will argue, “well I pay so much money here anyway, I thought clean-up service was included.” Others will say “well, they get paid for it already don’t they?” Well either you’re afraid of independence, lazy, or just plain dirty-pick one.
I do applaud those students who demonstrate cleanliness to the extreme of picking up someone else’s garbage-yes; I have actually seen it happen!
I am well aware many students at this school are fortunate enough to have their parents or housekeeping services clean up behind them. However, there is a point in life where you might want to learn some type of independence so you are not stranded in the land of reality when we are surrounded by so much garbage because the employees “forgot” to do their jobs.
I hope that everyone who does not understand the simple concept of cleaning up after themselves will eventually get a huge pile of additional work dropped on their desks and a smile from the boss that says: “we’re paying you for it anyway.”
UNICCO is not housekeeping. They are here to keep our campus clean and beautiful.

Marquita Bell is a sophomore majoring in print journalism and political science. She can be reached at m_bell01@hotmail.com.