New student-run website helps ‘Canes get a life

Tired of being ripped off by the UM Bookstore? Looking for the perfect Friday night party or a ride to South Beach? A new website in cyberspace for UM students promises to alleviate these problems and provide a forum for communication exchange.
The new site,, was created by students, for students. Its two founders, both UM students who chose to remain anonymous, stress the separation of the site from UM administration.
“The whole premise to the website is to give it to students,” one of the students behind the website, Mike, who chose to keep his last name anonymous, said. “There are basic freedoms that should be the staple of the college experience, and we are just trying to fill that void.”
Currently on the website are several message boards where students can rant and rave about everything from sports to entertainment to sex and dating. Pornographic images and photos of UM students having fun are also posted on the website.
Also, soon to be up and running are areas where students can post their evaluations of professors and a place where students can “swap” books at discounted prices.
These features of the website will be available by the end of the semester, and many students feel the book swap idea will be the most useful aspect of the site.
“The book swap sounds like a good idea,” David VanGroningen, a freshman majoring in architecture, said. “It would be a lot more convenient than buying from the bookstore.”
Another feature soon to be incorporated is a forum where students can learn about parties going on in the surrounding area.
“UM isn’t really a party campus,” Lacey Hickle, former UM student, said. “Parties happen off campus, so the website is a good place to find out what’s going on.”
Other students feel differently and say this service won’t be of much use to them.
“I don’t have any problems finding parties,” Nathalie Dessources, a sophomore majoring in health sciences, said. “I am the life of the party.”
According to many students, advertising for the website has been crude and most UM students still don’t know this site is available to them.
“I found out about the site when one of the guys handing out fliers just walked into my open room,” Josh Frank, freshman, said. “My roommate and I were like, ‘Who the hell are you?’ But I checked it out and figured it’s pretty harmless fun.”
Frank went on to say that he signed up for the website after he saw a picture of a chipmunk taking a hit, although he says he is looking forward to using the website for reasons other than entertainment.
“I think when they get some of their ideas up about the professor ratings, the book swap, etc., it will actually get some usefulness,” Frank said.
Word of this new website is spreading and the brains behind this idea have received positive feedback from those who have visited it thus far.
Even students who have not yet had the opportunity to visit the site say they plan to do so.
“The site sounds like a good source of information, especially for freshmen,” said Tamielle Horn, freshman. “I would use it.”

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