Hurricane Administrative Spotlight: Q&A with new SG president Scott Sadowski

Be ready to see changes taking effect all over campus as the student body welcomes Scott Sadowski as the new Student Government [SG] president. Already, Sadowski has started to work on several aspects of his platform, and he is continually meeting with students to make sure their concerns are being addressed.

What is going to be the first issue that you are planning on tackling as SG president?

Most important is the need to improve the study environment on campus, so we are working diligently with the library to keep it open 24 hours a day during exam weeks. The library is the best study space on campus for many students, so we need to be able to offer this service at all hours during this critical time.

How do you hope to change UM?

Although UM does not need many large changes, several improvements can be made across the campus to raise the quality of student life. We are very successful in many of our undertakings and each year we have continually improved as a university. I want to make sure that the students are always heard; I need to serve as a pipeline for communication from the students to administrators. Student issues change from year to year, and when a major concern arises, SG needs to be there to help. As an entire executive board, we want to propel UM into the top tier of universities across the country. We will need support from the administration and the students. UM is an excellent school and it deserves national attention. Through improved student recruitment, stronger mentoring and increased student services, our campus will continue to improve.

How have previous SG leaders helped you to prepare for the position of SG president?

I have had the opportunity to learn from all three previous student body presidents, and I am very thankful for all of their mentoring.
Mike Johnston taught me how important fostering a personal relationship with administrators is for a president to be effective. Jose Diaz, our president the year before, taught me to speak with passion and emotion. Finally, Shane Weaver, the SG president when I was a freshman and current president for the UM Law School, taught me to stand up for the students and to serve the University with integrity.
I hope that next year a student will be able to say that I helped them develop into a student leader and that they are now better prepared to serve as UM SG president.

What are some other goals that you have for your run as president?

My goals are the students’ goals. Instead of telling students what I am going to do for them, I sat down before my campaign and collected ideas of what students wanted. Then with help from Chris Clark [VP for SG] and Tara Myers [Secretary for SG] we researched projects to see which ones were most feasible. I feel that my goals would not be effective unless they were generated and supported by students.
This year, SG is looking to increase dining choices by adding Cane Express options to various locations off campus such as McDonalds, Denny’s, Blockbuster and pizza deliveries. We look to expand the UM shuttle system around campus. We are also looking into shuttles for students at the beginning and end of semesters to the Miami International Airport to help our students’ transportation needs.
Safety and wellness are very important on campus, so we are looking to add more blue light phones around the campus perimeter and to further develop a UM jogging trail to be used by students at whatever time they want to exercise. Finally, we are working to extend the Ibis Ride to include Thursday nights.
We also want to improve Student Government’s response time to the students’ future needs.
Sadowski says he extends an invitation to the entire student body to attend the SG Town Hall Senate Meeting on April 23 at the Rat from 4 to 6 p.m.
Administrators from parking, housing and dining will be there to answer questions and concerns. This event is open to all students and refreshments will be provided.

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