Who wants this game ?

Life & Art is too busy playing with our new GameBoy Advance SP, that Def Jam wrestling game (rap music is past the point of stupidity now), and GameCube’s ridiculous update on The Legend of Zelda, to even open up this copy of MVP Baseball 2003 for the XBOX.

Answer this question…

In New York Yankees pitcher David Wells’ ballsy new book, what percentage of players does he estimate, “use the juice?”

If you know the answer, or think that jock on your floor (the one you do homework for, just to get a “what’s up?” when you’re walking with sorority girls) might have a guesstimation, e-mail Hunter at HurricaneAccent@hotmail.com.
Hey nerds, tell your dads to tell Mr. Gates to stop sending us so many sports games. 010101