War protestors naively advocate Iraqi oppression

The protest against Operation Iraqi Freedom has rapidly spread across the globe, emboldening an unprecedented hatred and resentment towards the US. Not since Vietnam have such a varied juxtaposition of activists united against military action. Suburban housewives, millionaire actors, shoeless hippies, ultra-liberal college students, radical leftists and Arabs misperceiving the war as an Anglo-Zionist crusade against all Muslims have passionately participated in civil disobedience and not-always-peaceful organized protest. With no other feasible way to overthrow Hussein and confiscate his WMD, a protest against war equates to a protest supporting the perpetuation of the worst crimes against humanity.
According to Fox News, those financially sponsoring the large anti-war demonstrations include The Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization, a nonprofit group supporting terrorists such as Fidel Castro, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the World Workers Party, a strong backer of North Korea’s despotic Communist regime.
There is a great and sad irony that those protesting in the purported interests of peace and justice naively acquiesce to Saddam Hussein’s terrorist regime, which Human Rights Watch estimates has murdered up to one million Iraqis. According to the U.S. Army’s Lt. General John Abizaid, “No person has murdered more Muslims than Saddam Hussein.” If the world needed any more evidence demonstrating the outlaw, terrorist nature of the regime, on March 23rd Al-Jazeera broadcast American POW’s in Iraqi custody with close range bullet holes in their foreheads, undoubtedly executed. The Iraqi military has burned oil wells and moved troops and equipment into civilian areas, using the Iraqi people as human shields.
The protestors are detached from the Iraqis’ plight of tyranny and torture, many ignorant to the horrors of rape rooms, acid baths and summary execution. Many simply deplore capitalism, Bush and the United States, idiotically assuming a just US war to be impossible. Through inaction against despotic regimes, free nations drift perilously close to legitimizing oppression. No country possesses sovereign immunity against terrorism and tyranny. No one disputes the horrors and tragedies of war, but Operation Iraqi Freedom will deliver democratic reforms, rights and freedoms to the Iraqi people, ultimately save countless Iraqi lives and take WMD out of a brutal terrorist’s hands. As Iraqis continue welcoming the US into their nation as liberators and not “conquerors,” protestors worldwide witness the enormity of their error.

Pete Trombadore can be contacted at petetrombadore@hotmail.com.