US and allies deliver Saddam’s day of reckoning

Finally, after 12 years of United Nations prevarication, the time of reckoning has finally arrived for Saddam Hussein. It is indeed tragic that it has come to this, but at least this problem will finally be solved. No longer will we be menaced by the totalitarian whims of the “Butcher of Baghdad.” A new day will dawn, both for the security of the American people, but also for the security of the people of the Middle East and indeed the rest of the world.
Still even as the doom and gloom scenarios dreamed up by the paragons of naivetE have thus far failed to materialize, many Americans and citizens of other nations have taken to the streets to protest this necessary measure. I’m at pains to understand how blocking traffic on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago or the main street in San Francisco’s financial district will convince President Bush to order a withdrawal of US forces from Iraq, but if it makes them feel like they’re accomplishing something, hey, knock yourselves out – you’re providing me with hours of comedic entertainment. Just don’t get in front of my car; I’m having trouble with the brakes.
When this is over Iraq – in the interim anyway – will be free. Its people will prosper as the natural resources of the nation are used to enrich the people, not an anachronistic dictator obsessed by delusions of grandeur. No longer will it be considered an outlaw state. Iraq will once again take its place among the honorable nations of the world. Whether it remains prosperous will be the sole domain of the Iraqi people. They may choose well or they may choose poorly. The bottom line is, the Iraqi people will have the choice not Saddam Hussein or his staunchest ally France.
If we are lucky, Saddam Hussein and his murderous offspring are already dead. If not, there is no doubt they will shuffle off this mortal coil in very short order. The world and the Iraqi people will ultimately thank us for the gift of liberty. The people of Iraq will remember who came to their aid and rescued them from the nightmare that has lasted nearly a quarter of a century. When that day comes, no one will be able to find even one anti-war protester. They should all hang their heads in shame.

Scott Wacholtz is a senior majoring in Political Science and is a veteran of Desert Storm. All anti-war whining can be slooped to