News briefs

Saddam may be a conniving crook and relentless mass murderer, but L&A doesn’t support war and the Beastie Boys agree: the NYC hip hop trio just recorded an anti-war protest track, “In A World Gone Mad.” Member Adam Horovitz notes that it isn’t a pro-Saddam or anti-patriotic song, but is instead an objection to what the group says is an unfounded war. Fans can download the tune for free at

If you lazy idiots never got to reading Homer’s complete narrative of the Trojan War and the Iliad, then you’ll be able to watch it on the big screen as of May 2004. Set to be directed by Wolfgang Petersen and written by David Benioff, Troy will attempt to span through the entire war, while emulating the mythical proportions of the battles. Brad Pitt, Peter O’Toole and Saffron Burrows are some of the actors, so you lethargic slugs don’t have to do any reading.

Here’s the heads up on the indie music scene: Superdrag, Television, The Faint and The Mercury Program are on tour. Go to for dates. Moreover, Saddle Creek Records’ 50th Anniversary album will hit stores as of April 8th and will feature tracks by Bright Eyes, Desaparecidos, The Good Life, Cursive and others. Lastly, those of you who want to read a real rock ‘n’ roll mag will be happy to know that Creem magazine is back. Check out for more info.

Your favorite mafia show, “The Sopranos,” almost didn’t make it to its fifth season, when salary feuds between the main actor, James Gandolfini, and HBO arose. The former was about to file a breach-of-contract lawsuit. The network accused him of blackmail, striking him with a $100 million countersuit, but, rest assured, differences were seemingly resolved. Expect to see the show back early ’04.