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A Farewell to Mike
SG President leaves lasting legacy of accomplishment
As the 2003 academic year approaches its close, Mike Johnston nears the end of his Student Government [SG] presidency with a long list of accomplishments and the satisfaction that under his leadership, UM was named best SG for private colleges in the state of Florida, by Florida Leader Magazine.
“This award has eluded our school for years; we always come in second,” Johnston said. “When I found out I couldn’t stop smiling.”
Over the past year, as a result of SG efforts, several improvements to the UM campus have been made including 24/7 convenience store hours, increased Ibis Ride shuttle service, extended Wellness Center and Chartwell’s hours of operation, a crepe vendor by the UC, and the installation of ice machines in the residence halls.
More recently, students have been able to view HBO and additional cable channels in the dorms.
“This year our projects have truly been student-centered,” Johnston said, adding that he focused on the details that would make the campus better. “No project or issue was too big or too small.”
Johnston, who is two days away from handing over his presidency to Scott Sadowski, said that the success of his tenure depended on developing strong relationships with the administration and always accomplishing what he set out to do.
“My personal philosophy is to always follow through with what you say you are going to do,” Johnston said. “Never say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ without knowing if you can do it even though often times you will be put on the spot.”
“It is also important to remain humble; we’re not better than any other student,” Johnston said.
Johnston said that the true power of SG lies in establishing good relations with the administration, in order to work better with them and make things happen.
As an example, Johnston said that when a student complained about the bad lighting in the Memorial classrooms, SG immediately brought it to the administrations attention.
“This was a great academic concern, so we worked together and now there are dimmer switches in the Memorial classrooms,” Johnston said.
Johnston will be graduating in May with a degree in manufacturing engineering. He will be attending medical school.
“This administration will leave a legacy of cooperation with students and UM administration, diligence in setting and achieving goals, and encouraging future leaders to follow in our footsteps,” Johnston said.
As a farewell gift, Mike Johnston wants all residents to stop by the SG office to pick up a free ice bucket imprinted with the SG logo.

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