trashcan: Michael Essany is Rupert Pupkin. NYC public access: “Squirt TV” and “Kid America”

UM students finally get (limited) cable in their dorm rooms only to discover that this lonely college kid and probable virgin has his own “talk show.”

If you haven’t seen Martin Scorsese’s “The King of Comedy,” go rent it. Michael Essany is Robert De Niro’s Rupert Pupkin. It’s plagarism.

E!’s Web site reports, “Michael’s been working toward this day since puberty, studying old tapes of Johnny Carson, fashioning his own set…ironing suits, calling hundreds of celebrities. And you haven’t.” Jerry Lewis should watch his back.

Does anyone remember “Squirt TV,” with that skinny urban dweller Jake Fogelnest? He made botched Rice Krispy Treats with Jenny McCarthy in his mom’s kitchen. Mike D and Beck sat in his bedroom uber stoned playing with Japanese keyboards. Noise Addict was his favorite band. It was a comfy orange-lit dream aired on the late late.

B-list guests could wear their shoes inside, his parent(s) apparently had a life, and he didn’t have a gallon of snot stored in his nostrils. Maybe “Kid America” will reach HBO and revalidate 20-somethings fucking around on public access television-gone-nationwide. Where is this tangent going you ask? [Shrug] Dave Chappelle’s show is on.