Dear Avril Lavigne: This isn’t a complicated issue

I can’t believe what type of culture we live in now. During the Vietnam War, all the songs were dedicated to human love and antiwar. But now we have songs on articles of clothing and the people who don the fashions. Apparently, it’s preppy clothes and skater attire. Can someone please explain to me why we need to put up with this?
If you don’t like the way people act based on the group they may or may not be trying to impress, how could this possibly affect your plan in life? Is life so hard that you cannot disassociate with a person or group you don’t like? It’s not like an abusive father. It’s a person with clothes on.
Why did four million copies of this CD sell when I could tell you for free that you should stop caring what other people think? Avril Lavigne thinks she’s a hero because she has to cope with preps. She thinks that if she can write songs about her version of why life sucks, then she can make everyone’s life is better off. I think it’s self-centered to expect people should act the way you think they should act.
If people are insecure and desperately want to mesh with a group of people, fine. You have to let people be whom they want to emulate. If they want to be preps, fine. If they want to Goths, sk8ers, drag queens, or whatever, who cares? I don’t think that we need to pour twenty bucks that came from a struggling economy to let Avril Lavigne make money on an issue that can be solved over time.
If you skaters hate preps that much, ignore them! It’s easy. I have a three-step plan that will put you out of harm’s way. First, realize the problem and realize that you cannot associate with these people in a just way. Second, make a plan of what you want to do about a person or group of people you don’t like. And third, carry out that plan and you will find ways to cope with people who make life difficult.
You see that? It’s not that hard. And if someone really is making life inconvenient, then realize that guys don’t want to be called (a synonym for cat) and girls don’t want to be called sluts.
Avril, why are you making this so complicated?

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