Ohio is the Best: Def Jux Rapper Murs answers our question: Head or Tail?

Who’s Murs?

Let’s try this. Ever heard of the Living Legends Crew, the Grouch, Sunspot Jonz or Mystik Journeymen? Ok…well, hmm, I guess if you don’t live in the Bay Area or if you like Power 96 choosing music for you then you’re probably clueless. Murs has been steadily doing his “thing” in and around the Bay Area for the past decade or so. This cat is crazy.

He cut an album with Slug of Atmosphere called Felt – a heartfelt tribute album to Cristina Ricci – and his new LP on Def Jux, The End of the Beginning, brings a keg and Humpty (“come on and do the…”) to El-P’s wonderfully jarring apocalyptic reality.

Never having to rely on MTV cornholios or a big label contract, Murs has spent his time hustling the country non-stop with other members of Living Legends, strugglin’ son! nah mean?! But seriously, Murs is a hard working brother with a plan: to rap for kids from here to Pakistan; even though he never mentioned Pakistan and I have no chance of ever touring non-stop with such gay rhymes.

Murs is currently on the Creative Differences Tour (with the rest of the Living Legends Crew and Mr. Dibbs among others), gearing up for another one with EL-P in Europe and still another for his new album after that, get the picture? For other non-Pakistan related info keeping reading. (For Pakistan related material check out www.pakistan-emabassy.com, reprusent!)

Q: So, have you ever seen Humpty with his nose off?
MRS: Yes.

Q: Can I get a description of the nose?
MRS: The nose under the nose?

Q: I guess.
MRS: There is no nose under the nose…something about a car accident or something like that. He doesn’t want to talk about it.

Q: Fo’ real? (insert smooth wiggah voice for me here)
MRS: But he got a nose job for the video, we just shot it like a month ago.

Q: So rap sucks now, huh?
MRS: Oh no, I disagree.

Q: Well, at least from End of the Beginning I got the idea that anything that’s selling…
MRS: Oh hell no, Jay-Z’s my favorite rapper. No way, if they’re selling I think that’s excellent. I hate more independent hip hop than commercial.

Q: So you’re always on the road, gimme a good story.
MRS: Well, this tour so far I had to choke one kid out in the street for letting him beat the shit out of one bus driver. We’ve been through three bus drivers, we got caught in a blizzard, I lost my cell phone, I vomited two days straight and basically ate nothing. Now I’m not drinking, trying not to fornicate and cutting down on my cigarette intake…

The tour started off kinda rough over here, but now the album came out and everything seems to be rolling well – there was a girl last night on the bus that sucked a lot, a lot of dick; wowed everybody and she was a champion for that and we love her. She did it Ohio-style as she said after she finished every one of the jobs. She was proclaimed the best by numerous people on the bus.

Q: The best?
MRS: Ohio has the best head thus far, if anybody would like to compete down in Miami we’ll be there soon.

Q: Have you had to work any other job than rapping?
MRS: I haven’t worked a job because I had to since about ’96, I think in my whole life I’ve had a legitimate job for eight months total, in the last 10 years.

Q: What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever hidden in your beard?
MRS: A cigarette, but I don’t think it was concealed… mostly vaginal juices from my ex-girlfriend.

Q: Smelly all day?
MRS: Yeah that’s one thing about eating a girl out when you have a beard.

I shampoo and condition mine (my red beard).
MRS: That’s good for it.

Q: You play a lot of video games?
MRS: Oh yeah, right now we’re playing NBA Live 2003 cause we’ve got a lot of men on the road, lot of competition. Our bus driver, this 35-year old white dude from Texas, he’s whooping up on a lot of people on the bus.

Q: He probably has good reflexes from being on the road.
MRS: Yeah, good hand-eye coordination.

Q: Do you ever buy those “Tijuana Mama” sausages from gas stations?
MRS: Oh no, Mr. Dibbs eats those, two at every stop we make.

Q: And two packs of Kools huh?
MRS: He smokes and eats sausage like nobody’s business.

Q: Sounds pretty phallic.
MRS: Take it how you want it,

Q: I’m not trying to take anything phallically (but I am trying to make words up like “phallically”)
MRS: Oh please, take it like that.

Q: Please?
MRS: Please.

Q: This is the most ridiculous interview, umm, any shout outs dude? C’mon.
MRS: My whole posse down in Satellite Beach Florida, Tony, Rhymesayers Entertainment, Def Jux and Living Legends; everybody who counts in underground rap music, everybody else sucks. We taught everybody else how to fucking make a living at this game. We are the most successful independent rappers in the game.

Q: So, what you gotta say about Miami, Miami rules right?
MRS: It rules so much ass. We’re coming down there May 23rd or something like that…oh, shout out to my girl Teresa in West Palm Beach, if she sees this in print she might make out with me.

Q: Any more girls you need to make out with?
MRS: No. Just her.

So there you have it, giggles galore with an album in the store. I need to shut up for a minute. For more info check out www.llcrew.com or look for a girl in Ohio with lockjaw.

Sven Barth is on a bus to Ohio (good luck Sven).