Come an’ Git Yer Love at the Ambrosino Gallery: Goats are so ’96

Artist Paul Mullins has a fine eye for trailer trash and has explored this subject in various conditions–i.e., wrestling, partying and other curious poses.

Currently at the Ambrosino Gallery in North Miami, his new show Come an Git Yer Love is a peculiar drawing and ink study of human/animal relations.

Notwithstanding the shock value that it conveys, one can look past the explicitness of the images and fathom how the artist delves into some unspoken impetuous instincts that lay deep in the murky abyss of our unconscious–obviously, these aren’t necessarily urges to take part of sexual interactions with animals, but rather impulses we may have that are brutish and animalistic, our brash, often erratic capriciousness.

Here, his “Longhorn (Me and You Baby)” (left) and “Bite (Roll on Blue Skies)” (right) are finely drawn and inked to display the primal emotion that must accompany them. As a sensible viewer, it’s wise not to take these images literally. They are pieces of art and are just the vision of one artist.

Call the gallery at 305-891-5577 for more info.

– Omar Sommereyns