SG Standoff

Scott Sadowski
Scott Sadowski, from Waukesha,Wisconsin, hopes to win the Student Government [SG] presidential election by changing the focus of his campaign while continuing to be open to the concerns of students.
Currently, Sadowski says he plans to add a more personal feel to his campaign.
“At the beginning I wanted to advertise my face, name and platform,” Sadowski said. “Now it’s time to add a more personal touch.”
For fun, Sadowski likes to play intramural sports, including arena football and volleyball. He is also the coach of his basketball team and works out five times a week.
“Working out is a reward to myself,” Sadowski said. “My goal is to maintain consistency – I have a work hard, play hard mentality.”
Sadowski also likes to go to the Grove and South Beach.
“I like a good mix of both places,” Sadowski said. “That’s the nice thing about Miami – you have those options.”
This summer, Sadowski hopes to internship at General Electric medical systems. Next summer, he’s looking toward Wall Street. Eventually, Sadowski hopes to go into corporate finance or investment banking.
Sadowski says he attributes his success to his parents.
“I got my scholastic drive from my dad and my involvement qualities from my mom,” Sadowski said.
Sadowski’s parents say their son has always has been a team leader in terms of the organized sports and projects in which he has participated.
“He is driven, focused and knows how to rally his team to achieve results,” James Sadowski said.
“Scotty is a unique individual, he always initiates projects for the benefit of others in his community,” Nancy Sadowski said. “I believe his caring, hard working, creative character will demonstrate what a great leader he will prove to be.”
Currently, Sadowski says he just finished closing a deal with his father for a condo on Brickell.
“The past two weeks has been nothing but elections and realtors,” Sadowski said. “I’ve learned a great deal of negotiation and investment skills.”
Sadowski acknowledges the opinion of many regarding his inability to follow through.
“I’m not in the position to follow through with everything that I come up with,” Sadowski said. “When I work on a project, I do the research and report it to the leaders of the particular organization or administrative unit, giving them additional suggestions and ideas. That’s where my role ends and theirs begins.”
Sadowski says he respects Robert Castro and believes that he possesses many qualities characteristic of a good leader.
“Castro is real good with follow-through,” Sadowski said. “You send him an e-mail and he gets back to you as soon as he can.”
Sadowski encourages students to go out and vote for the best candidate.
“Look at the things that each of us wants to do and think about which ones you want to see done next year,” Sadowski said. “Then go out and vote.”

Robert Castro, a Hialeah, Florida native, is hoping that his involvement and previous experience will give him an edge over Scott Sadowski during run-off elections for Student Government [SG] president.
“Throughout my experiences as a student leader, I’ve noticed certain concerns that were brought up to me on several occasions,” Castro said. “If I have someone approach me with an issue, I look into it immediately to determine a feasible way to fix it.”
“I don’t want to make any false promises, but I promise that if I am elected, SG will address the issues presented,” Castro said. “I like to do what people want to make happen.”
Some students have expressed concern regarding Castro’s ability to work with the newly elected SG cabinet. However, Castro says he has worked with both Chris Clark [vice-president] and Tara Myers [treasurer] in the past.
“I’ve worked with Chris before and I’ve just recently started working with Tara on the Homecoming Executive Committee,” Castro said. “We all work very well together.”
Castro says he is always trying to find the right balance between all of the different aspects of his life.
“College is once in a lifetime and I always try to make it as fun as possible,” Castro said. “Everything I do, I do it because I enjoy it.”
During his spare time, Castro says he loves to go to UM sporting events.
“There’s nothing like going to the Orange Bowl and watching a game come alive,” Castro said. “Once I painted myself orange and green. By the end of the game, all of the paint sweated off of me – I had a great time!”
Castro also frequents Bongo’s Cafe and other restaurants throughout South Florida. He also likes to spend time with his family.
Castro’s mother says that she is very proud of all that her son has accomplished.
“My son has always given all that he has to the better cause of those around him,” Maria Castro said. “I have raised him for the world, and I believe that he will continue to live his life with a big heart and an open mind.”
Castro says that he hopes to work in the public sector upon graduation.
In terms of his opponent, Castro says that he believes that Sadowski’s strength is in his ability to work in group settings.
“Sadowski develops a great working relationship with the teams he works with on projects,” Castro said.
Castro wants voters to know that he stands behind his word and that if elected, he will always be available to discuss comments or concerns.
“I’m putting my reputation out there and I stand behind everything that I have promised,” Castro said. “I will do whatever it takes to accomplish the things that I have set out to do.”
“If you see me at the Rat or somewhere else on campus, come by and talk,” Castro said. “I’m always up for meeting new people.”

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