New SG Treasurer & VP ready to get down to business

The new treasurer for Student Government [SG] could also be the number one ‘Canes fan. Tara Myers, junior, has such love for the school that she has the UM logo tattooed on her back.
“I’ve been a ‘Cane since I was four,” Myers said. “I grew up with the UM football team.”
Myers, who was born and raised in Miami, has three brothers who are all football fans.
One of them, Chris Myers, currently plays for the UM football team. During the 1980s her uncle also played for the school’s football team.
“If I could, I would play,” she said.
Myers is currently majoring in sport management and is involved in several sports-related activities on campus such as Cane Connection, where she helps in recruiting players for the football team. She also works for the women’s basketball team filing paperwork and helping with recruitment.
“I love attending sports. I’m a diehard team fan,” she said. “I had an injury in high school so I can’t really participate in any athletic activities. But I get involved by going to the games.”
Myers said that after graduation she dreams of going to law school and eventually becoming an agent.
“Maybe one day I’ll be an athletic director for a university, possibly for the University of Miami,” Myers said.
Although sports is a big part of her life, Myers is also involved in other aspects of student life such as spending time with her sorority Zeta Tau Alpha, where she served as the activities chair last year. She is also a member of the homecoming executive planning board.
According to Myers, she is on campus Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.
“I love being involved,” Myers said. “I’m a very easygoing person, and I don’t stress out much.”
Myers decided to run for treasurer when presidential candidate Scott Sadowski approached her with the idea.
“He knew that I was the biggest Hurricane fan and that I had huge love for the University so he thought it would be a good idea,” she said. “I’ll do anything it takes to promote a better environment for incoming students and those that are already here.”
Myers said that her school spirit is an asset that she brings with her to SG.
“I’m very proud of being a ‘Cane; I couldn’t be any prouder,” Myers said. “I think the first thing you should have when working for Student Government is love for the University. If you don’t have love, then what motivates you?”

Chris Clark, sophomore, has always been involved in University life, and now, as vice-president for Student Government [SG], he is eager to assume a new position of leadership.
“My first priority right now is to get students involved with SG,” Clark said. “I want the student body to get to know our faces and get to know us.”
Born in Dallas, Texas, Clark says he came to UM because of the beautiful campus, the people and the beach. He started a career in pre-med, following in the footsteps of his father, but later changed majors to political science and psychology.
“I really enjoy being a leader,” Clark said. “I changed majors to something that I feel truly passionate about.”
Clark says he plans to form various committees that deal with the diverse aspects of student life and address the different cultures on campus.
“I want to taste the different ways of living and different cultures – I have a very open mind,” he said.
As a member of the Kappa Alpha Psi, Inc. black fraternity, Clark says he is encouraging and promoting black culture on campus.
“By being a member of the fraternity I was compelled to a newfound state of leadership in the black community,” Clark said.
Clark serves as social chair for his fraternity, organizing parties, pageants and social events. He is also a member of his fraternity’s step team.
According to Clark, step is a traditional interpretation of ritualistic African dances.
“Step dancing is an audience-provoking event; it hypes the crowd up, and they feel like a part of it,” Clark said. “In these competitions a group of men or women set a beat and move to the beat, we make our own music and the effect looks amazing!”
Aside from stepping, Clark finds time to take advantage of different events on campus. He also enjoys spending time at the Rathskeller, attending sporting events, working out and writing.
“The Wellness Center is my quiet place – it keeps my sanity,” Clark said. “I also love to read and write. I write poetry during my free time, and I’m usually in the library two times a week.”
After graduating, Clark says he wants to go to law school and eventually enter into the political arena.
In the meantime, Clark says he is exactly where he wants to be.
“Regardless of what day it is, whether it is a weekend or a Monday when I have three tests, I still feel the same. I’m happy,” Clark said. “There’s no point in getting stressed out.”

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