Open those eyes, boys and girls, there’s a man running for President out of Miami. And no, we don’t mean away from Miami, he’s actually sticking around. Why didn’t Janet Reno warn him?
“I intend to be the Democratic nominee for president,” said Florida Democratic Senator Bob Graham in a statement on Thursday. “I am the best prepared to lead, and the most able to win.”
Our cracker senior senator just created a campaign committee (them’s your money-raisin’ folk), and filed the required paperwork with the Federal Election Commission to open a national campaign office in Miami Lakes.
For those of you bad with geography, this is not very far away. In fact, its probably closer than most of your commutes. Is it close enough for your participation, your contribution, or at least your attention? Read on . . .
Graham, 66, is recovering from a very recent open-heart surgery. He’ll wait for medical clearance (in about a month) before he formally launches his campaign and travels to key states on the calendar toward the 2004 Democratic nomination. So yes, like every other candidate he’ll turn his back on Florida for a few weeks next spring (it’s that close!) while he gives New Hampshire some lovin’, Bob-Graham-style. But rest assured, this is one candidate who won’t let Florida run down to the wire again on election night. If Graham survives the primaries and gains the nomination, he won’t let his home state, Florida (Graham hails from Miami), go to the Bush’s again. It promises to be a fun fight.
Its getting about that time to start paying attention to the run for President again. Oh, yes, we’re all so, so tired still from the last one. Sometimes you still find hanging chads when you’re cleaning out the couch for spare change.
Word has it (seriously) that Graham is interviewing prospective campaign workers. Attention, senior poli-sci majors. Opportunity is knocking, hell, banging on the door. As the race begins to gear up during the hot Florida summer, you can bet the Graham crew will be stocking up on speechwriters, public relations specialists, and staffers as fast as you can say “alligator alley.”
If you’re bitter about the Democratic loss of Florida, then take advantage of the presence of Senator Graham’s campaign headquarters and get involved early and headstrong.
If you’re a Bush supporter, then you’ve got some work ahead of you. Reelection will not be an easy fight. Make the Republican mark in this community now, or Graham will have it in his pocket by Christmas.
With Graham’s addition to the list, the number of Democratic candidates has hit nine. Most of them have been campaigning and soliciting for months; heck, this campaign’s halfway over. Chances are, as Miami residents, you’re soon going to receive a few dinnertime phone calls asking to “support Senator Graham!”
It’s not up yet, but if you’re still interested, check out www.graham04.com in a few weeks. This man has been committed to public service, and the citizens of Florida, for decades. Bet you didn’t even know he was Governor of Florida from 1978 to 1986, a state senator before then and a US senator since.
Even if you’re not totally thrilled with the Democratic Platform (who is? Certainly not most Democrats), this is an amazing opportunity in close proximity. Keep your eyes open, because the Presidential race (or carnival) is about to begin.