How can people be jealous about college goers?

I know that equal opportunity doesn’t exist for everyone-but I don’t understand how some people try to blame their current dead-end situation on students currently attending college to pursue careers and dreams.
I respect those that work in non-professional positions-I respect their service and devotion to others although it might be a dead-end job or something that isn’t career-oriented or does not pay well. Without these positions, such as librarian or sanitation worker, our society could not function.
So, why the long faces when I tell someone that I am a double major attending UM? Why the pout of jealousy because they happen to be standing behind a cash register? It isn’t as if I go around waving my achievements in people’s faces, so that they can feel envy because I am pursuing my life-long dream of becoming a writer. Even the people that I have known the longest now give me half-smiles because they secretly wish they had my motivation.
I hate to say it for only the bazillionth time: WELL GET UP AND DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIFE! Don’t look at me for pity. I’m not going to join in that type of party but I will motivate you to pursue your dreams.
If you are happy with your job, then fine, I am more than happy for you. But don’t complain if you sit around moping because you haven’t at least applied to community college and that no one ever gave you opportunity to go to college although it was you who screwed up your high school grades and even you who “forgot” to apply in the first place.
Money is no excuse. I could slap you silly for saying that it is; in fact, I would just call it pure laziness. There is too much aid out there these days for nonsense thoughts like that. Even if it comes down to having to garnish your salary to pay back loans, just think of it as an investment in your future.
People that limit themselves by letting their present situation limit their lives should ponder the real reasons why they are in their current situation. Even if unforeseen tragedies and obstacles clutter your path to success, there are ways to work around it. If you truly desire success, you will invest everything into making it yours.

Marquita K. Bell is a sophomore majoring in Print Journalism and Political Science.