UM student named “Boy of the Year”

Sean Klitzner, a UM sophomore, has been voted 2002 “Boy of the Year” by Boy Crazy! Magazine, winning a $10,000 scholarship and a brand new Volkswagen Beetle with his new title displayed on the hood.
“It was quite a surprise when I actually won because it’s almost a ‘too good to be true’ scenario,” Sean Klitzner said.
Klitzner is currently a motion pictures and theatre major. He found out about the contest through a friend of his family, who suggested he enter to get his name and face out there. Sean took their advice and entered himself in the contest.
“I’m looking to entertain through acting, stand-up comedy or even directing and writing movies. So I thought this would be a good way to get started,” Klitzner said.
Klitzner went through a rigorous selection process and was selected from thousands of entries. He was named “Boy of the Week” in February 2002.
“Obviously looks played a big role, but most of the girls chose the guys who gave them good advice and who were just friendly and there for the girls when they needed us most,” Klitzner said.
Girls all over America pick the Boy of the Week and then at the end, all the winners are pooled together and the girls choose the Boy of the Year.
“I knew I had a pretty good shot of winning. I got a lot of fan mail through the website and some good responses from people,” Klitzner said. “After winning Boy of the Week, I got a really good vibe from all the girls and it brought even more fan mail for me.”
Klitzner found out he won in mid-November. He received the call while he was in class.
“I left class immediately when I found out it was Boy Crazy! Magazine that called. I did not know what it was about though, but I had a good feeling about it,” he said. “When I called them back they told me I had won. The feeling is unexplainable. I was ecstatic.”
Along with the scholarship and car, Klitzner also wins an appearance on the cover and centerfold of the magazine.
“Most of the people I know found out about the win. I get my fair share of teasing, but it’s well worth it,” Klitzner said. “It’s usually my buddies’ favorite conversation starter to the girls I talk to at parties.”
In his spare time, Sean likes to play numerous sports, including intramurals at UM. He has also been playing the piano for 12 years.
Klitzner is open to trying another competition similar to this one, and he thinks it will help him break into showbiz in the future.
“I’m just looking to get started as an actor like every other actor out there. Instead of waiting on tables and waiting for the opportunities to come to me, I’m looking for them myself,” Klitzner said.
You can visit the Boy Crazy! Magazine webite at to see Sean Klitzner’s bio page and pictures.

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