Vice-Presidental Candidates

Candidate: Julie Beltz
Year in school: Junior
Major: Psychology
Leadership experience: Delta Gamma, Director of WellAware, Vice-President: Panhellenic, Orientation Assistant Orientation Coordinator and Program Coordinator, Artemis: Executive Board, Vagina Monologues / V-Force: Co-Chair, A Week for Life: Publicity Co-Chair. Running in conjunction with Robert Castro and Jason Starr (treasurer). “Making UM better for the students who attend through awareness, education, programming, etc. is a process I’ve always been committed to. Anyone intelligent who has ever worked under a great leader before knows that leadership skills are transferable – and I’ve already proved here at UM that I’m a strong leader.”

Candidate: Aimee Dehbozorgi
Year in School: Junior
Major: Biology, Chemistry
Leadership experience: SG Cabinet, Arts and Sciences senator for two years, Academic Affairs committee chair of Senate, Category Five publicity chair. “Based on my experience on SG I know what changes need to be done and how to go about them.”
nCandidate: Chris Clark
Year in school: Sophomore
Major: Political Science, Psychology
Leadership experience: freshmen and sophomore senator in SG, Fun Day group leader, orientation assistant, Honor Council, Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity , office assistant at the office of VP of student affairs.”As a sophomore I have 2 years of SG leadership and experience. I am not looking to change the face of UM I am looking to better the already great aspects of the university. My past experiences enable me to keep my goals. I know how to work with the administration.”