News Briefs

50 Cent can purchase a small country’s gun supply (he’s going to need them) now that his debut album, Get Rich or Die Tryin’, pushed 872,000 copies in its first week. So Fiddy, you’ve accomplished your goal of getting rich, what’s next? Hopefully not a requisite quickly produced posse album showcasing your lame crew Gorilla Unit. Yeah? Great. G-Unit!

When they’re not secretly flipping through The Hipster Handbook, Miami’s scenesters are gossiping about the Rapture playing a Winter Music Conference bash at Club Revolver in the coming weeks. What? Iggy Pop’s spinning? That’s deck!

How many film franchises does some-time boozer Ben Affleck need? He worked his mediocre curse on the Jack Ryan series with The Sum of All Fears, L&A hears that Bruckheimer wants a sequel to Pearl Harbor, and now $42 million worth of wankstas went to see Daredevil this weekend. Why doesn’t he do another Kevin Smith film? Really? Cool. With J-Lo? Dude, Kevin Smith sucks.

Level’s first attempt at theatre (we think), “Hedwig and the Angry Inch,” has already closed up shop because the tix weren’t selling. We actually heard it was impressive and planned on checking it out. Anyway, Level will probably go back to booking trance, cough, global house DJs who moonlight in electroclash, cough, electro, cough, trance.

The Miami art houses need to use their “pieces” and bring down that killer documentary, Lost in La Mancha, about Terry Gilliam’s botched attempt to make The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. While they’re at it, what’s the deal with Macaulay Culkin’s Party Monster and Larry Clark’s gross-out Ken Park? How much NYC glossy magazine circle jerking must we endure?