L&A 411

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we dented your wke.

Life & Art is currently looking for nerds at UM who would like to participate in a feature documenting their lifestyle. By ‘nerd’ we mean someone who meets some or all (our fingers are crossed) of the following criteria: plays an abnormal amount of video games, loves to create elaborate computer viruses that destroy dorm Dells, wears glasses, simply aces all classes (and labs), studies 24-7, reads binary code like Rolling Stone, plays Magic, does not talk to females, etc.
We are not exploiting nerd culture. We are quite impressed with your abilities and want to give you the props and exposure you deserve. If you release computer viruses, we’ll replace your face with Steve Jobs’. If you match all of our criteria, Life & Art will gladly hand you a large bag of cash (and CD-Rs) for your time.
All nerds send resume to hurricaneaccent@hotmail.com.

If you have suggestions for interviews, e-mail us.