2003 HURRICANE BASeball LINE-UP Part 1

This year’s squad will begin with Dan Touchet, Brandon Camardese, Vince Bongiovanni, and Ryan Dixon in the rotation. J.D. Cockroft will be waiting in the wings for a starting job.

Paco Figueroa will begin his first season as the full-time shortstop. Figueroa performed well as a part-time starter last year. Morris is looking for his speed to contribute to the Hurricanes offense this season.

George Huguet will be the closer after coming back from his injury. Until then Cockroft will hold down the fort along with Shawn Valdes-Fauli, Andrew Cohn, and a myriad of newcomers.

3rd Base
Gaby Sanchez will start at third base. Morris is looking for a big year from this kid on all sides of the ball.

Left Field
Junior transfer Tommy Shannon will most likely take this spot. Look for a leadership role out of Shannon as the season progresses.

Erick San Pedro will start behind the plate for the ‘Canes. San Pedro had a great off-season, improving his bat in the process. Look for San Pedro to put up decent numbers this season to go with his arm and defensive abilities.