Sport administration degree debuts

The School of Education in conjunction with the Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences has created a new sport administration major at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.
“This program has nothing but positive potential, and I am convinced it will be fast and furious in its popularity,” said Dr. Susan Mullane, director of undergraduate sport administration and director of recruitment. “We are thrilled to be able to offer a sport administration major, and I am looking forward to a progressive, top-notch program that will be second to none.”
“Sport Administration offers an exciting field of study for individuals who are interested in the organization and administration of all aspects of the sport industry,” said Dr. Andy Gillentine, director of graduate sport administration and internship director. “There have been many questions regarding this program and where it leads – it seems as though a lot of people want this program.”
According to organizers, a major in sport administration prepares students for work with professional and collegiate sports, as well as fitness and wellness programs. Jobs are available in marketing, merchandising, personal agents and sports information management, as well as in a variety of other areas.
“We’ve been doing a lot of recruiting, which will only increase,” said Melissa Ethridge, internship and recruitment coordinator of sport administration. “We’re doing a lot of recruiting with student organizations, student government and fraternities and sororities, just to name a few.”
Courses required for the 39-credit major include ethics, leadership and management, sport law, sport psychology, finance, sport facilities and event management, and sports marketing and accounting. There is also a 12-credit minor in business that is required and an internship at the end of the program.
“At the University of Miami, our approach is to offer students an in-depth analysis of the sport industry and to provide as much ‘hands on’ learning as we can,” Gillentine said.
Current internships include working with the Miami Heat, the Miami Dolphins, the Florida Marlins, the NASDAQ Tennis Tournament, the Pro Wrestling Federation and the UM Athletic Department.
“We try to match students’ interests to their internships,” Mullane said. “We had somebody ask about NASCAR the other day. We’re going to see what we can do.”
Currently, the sport administration major is in the process of getting approval from the North American Society of Sport Management. The graduate program has already gained approval.
“We are very excited about this program and its potential,” Mullane said. “We are in a unique position to have the best program in the area.”
Students who want to learn more about the sport administration major should contact Dr. Mullane at 305-284-6250 or via e-mail at

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