L&A Briefs

It seems like eBay can come up with anything to auction to potential buyers, going as far as putting up Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo’s alleged Harvard ID card. Lustful groupies can purchase the card for $3000 and go on to fondle it as they wish in their private time. The rock group’s latest effort, Maladroit, was Number Six on Spin magazine’s top 50 albums of 2002.

What’s the deal with some good ol’ comedy about getting high? Remember Cheech and Chong? Well, Variety reports that Tommy Chong’s daughter Rae Dawn Chong’s currently searching for potential distributors for the new film in the franchise, Cheech and Chong Get Blunt. Word to all the weed-heads…

Things are looking a bit queasy for the publishing industry: Americans are apparently reading less and less. According to USA Today’s Best-Selling Book list, sales were down 20% for the 2002 holidays compared to the same period last year. These sales peaked in 1999 due to J.K. Rowling’s mass-market Harry Potter series, but that’s even worrisome in itself. If ya’ll really read Life & Art, go out and get your read on damnit.

Times are iffy at The Source: thousands of petitioners in the hip hop community (including Hot 97’s Starr and Buckwild) have asked for the resignation of the magazine’s owner/rapper Benzino, who they claim has been using the publication to further his own interests-boosting his career, articles attacking Eminem, and honoring his group, Made Men, with a 1999 Source Magazine Video of the Year Award even though the video was seldom seen. What can we say, dude’s a slick businessman.