Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

A varsity intercollegiate women’s fast-pitch softball team should be included among UM’s sports teams. It is long, long overdue.
About fifteen years ago the public high schools here switched their girls softball teams from slow pitch to fast pitch, because it’s a better sport and so that local high school girls could apply for college athletic scholarships.
Since then, Florida International University has competed impressively in intercollegiate women’s fast-pitch softball, with awesome local players. So has Miami-Dade Community College.
The Miami area has become the nation’s biggest source of young baseball (Alex Rodriguez, Jose Canseco) – and now it’s becoming the biggest source of high school women softball players as well, many of who stay in Florida to play their college ball.
Go and watch high school or FIU teams play this spring. You’ll see excellent, well-coached women softball players at well-attended games. They should be playing for UM.

Andy Golan
UM Alumnus